Ronnie Wood Parenting Tips

Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood turns 69 today. He also just became a Dad to twin daughters, Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. Woody was kind enough to share some of his parenting tips.

  • Always pin your diaper before theirs
  • Be sure to say “I love you” to your child after saying the same to your guitar
  • Store all Cialis and Lipitor in childproof bottles
  • Calling Beggars Banquet “overrated” is grounds for a spanking
  • Try to blow pot smoke above your child’s head, not right in their face
  • Counting daddy’s past sexual conquests is a great way to teach simple addition
  • Test your newborn’s hearing by shouting “Are you ready to rock!!?” in their ears
  • Placing a two-way baby monitor in baby’s room makes it easier to impress them with your jams
  • It’s important to spend quality drinking time with your kids