Things That Make People Dislike You

We found a list online of weird things that can make people dislike you. Here are five we thought were pretty interesting . . .

1. Opening up too much to someone you just met. You shouldn’t reveal anything too personal until you’ve known each other for a little while. You might think you’re just being open and honest, but it can actually come across as insecure.

2. Asking too many questions. Most people like talking about themselves, so you SHOULD asked questions. But it’s a fine line, and you have to let them ask questions too, so they don’t feel like you’re just grilling them.

3. Always saying yes when someone asks for a favor. A recent study found it can make it seem like you have ulterior motives. So it’s okay to say no sometimes, especially if there’s a legitimate reason you can’t do something.

4. Playing hard to get. Sometimes it can work, but so can being honest when you like someone. A recent study found people were more prone to like someone if they thought the person liked THEM first.

5. Posting too many selfies. Especially for people you just met. A recent study found that photos taken from four-to-five feet away make you seem more trustworthy and competent than photos taken from 18 inches away.

(Business Insider)