“Interesting” “True” “Facts” About The Indy 500

In honor of the 100th running of the Indy 500 on Sunday…

  • This year marks the 100th race . . . and it’s still just nothing but several hours of cars turning left.
  • It’s the only thing people in Indiana enjoy that doesn’t involve meth.
  • David Letterman will be there, and if you ask nicely he may let you pet his beard.
  • Usually a celebrity sings the national anthem. But this year they decided to buck tradition and get Darius Rucker.
  • “Formal wear” for spectators means a T-shirt WITH sleeves.
  • Before stricter regulations on tobacco advertising were put in place, winners were paid in Skoal Bandits.
  • It’s fun to watch to see if the winner is lactose intolerant and projectile vomits after drinking the jug of milk.
  • If you’ve never missed watching the whole thing on TV, you really hate spending time with your family.
  • On their way home, drivers have been known to cause major accidents, due to their stubborn refusal to make right turns.