Healthy Snacks You Can Buy On a Road Trip

If you’re heading out of town on a road trip for Memorial Day, here are five healthy snacks you can get at a gas station . . .

1. Beef jerky. The key is to avoid products with added nitrites, MSG, and lots of sodium. So look over the ingredient list and take a pass if there are a bunch of unnatural ingredients you don’t recognize.

2. Trail mix. Just avoid the ones with M&M’s, chocolate-covered raisins, and pretzels. Get the ones with nuts and dried fruit, since they have healthy unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber.

3. Protein bars. The best ones will be high in fiber and low in sugar and fat. And it’ll keep you full for a LOT longer than a candy bar.

4. Popcorn. If you need a snack with a crunch, popcorn is a healthier option than chips. One serving of popcorn can be as little as 100 calories.

5. Fruit. Fresh fruit is usually available at gas stations, but if not, a fruit cup, dried fruit, or fruit crisps are the next best thing. Again, just make sure to check the ingredients for any hidden sugars. (Fox News)