I hate to admit this, but when I’m out and my phone battery starts getting low, I do start freaking out.  But I guess that makes me normal because a new survey just found that 90% of us legitimately feel PANIC when our battery dips below 20%.

And here are six things we’ve done because of that anxiety . . .

1.  39% of people have asked a total stranger if they could borrow their charger.

2.  35% have secretly taken someone else’s charger without permission.

3.  33% have skipped going to the gym to charge their phone.

4.  32% have left somewhere just to go home to plug in their phone.

5.  23% have gotten into an argument with their significant other because they stopped responding to texts and calls to conserve their battery.

6.  And 22% have ordered something at a bar or restaurant just to use their power outlet.