Nervous Flyers Can Overcome Their Fears On A Hollywood Airplane Set

Have a fear of flying? There’s now a novel way to try and curb your fear. Air Hollywood in Los Angeles claims to be the world’s largest aviation-themed film studio, and it’s also the site of FearlessFlight, a program aimed at helping nervous flyers overcome their phobia by exploring an airplane set. NPR reports that jet used for FearlessFlight and numerous movies and TV shows was originally the fully functional charter plane of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now it serves as the classroom for retired airplane pilot Ron Nielsen. The class consists of two parts, beginning at Air Hollywood, where the mechanics of the flight and plane are covered and turbulence is simulated, and concluding after students successfully get on an actual flight. The tag is pricey though, at $497. How much would you be willing to shell out to overcome your greatest fear? (Mental Floss