Things Millennials Worry About

A recent survey found that many Millennials are concerned about their financial future. But that’s not all they’re losing sleep over. Here are The Top Things Millennials Worry About.

  • What if someone CALLS their phone? What do they do?!?
  • Are chicks they pick up at a Bernie rally gonna demand they pay for everything?
  • The fact that in the future, they may have to go an entire day without receiving a trophy.
  • They go through all that trouble of posting a picture of their vegan quesadilla and only get 112 likes!
  • If World War Three breaks out and they’re drafted into combat, getting their butts whooped by countries that have never heard of “Candy Crush”.
  • This part time job selling tennis shoe cleaner from a mall kiosk won’t cover six years of student loans.
  • Becoming unemployed and having to downgrade to a flip phone.
  • While they’re busy having a pointless argument online, they’re missing out on chances to get into other pointless arguments online.
  • Getting an extremely chatty Uber driver.
  • A virus that destroys Tinder.
  • Someday their mom and dad will want the basement back.