Signs the Person You’re Dating Is ‘The One’

We see a lot of lists about ‘red flags’ you should look out for when you’re dating someone . . . because obviously the world is filled with psychos. But this is a little more optimistic. Here are three GREEN flags to look for. In other words, three signs the person you’re dating might be the one.

1. They communicate well. Which includes talking about their feelings, and letting you talk about yours if you need to. And also asking you for your opinion if they have to make a decision that might affect you.

2. They’re passionate about something. Meaning their work, a hobby, or even just a close group of friends they hang out with. It’s a sign they’re independent enough to do their own thing, and they won’t just latch onto whatever YOU’RE passionate about.

3. They can admit when they’re wrong. And the one time to really pay attention is when they talk about past relationships. Because if they always blame their ex, they might end up blaming YOU for everything if you ever hit a rocky patch.