There’s A Trick That Can Help You Forget Memories

All of us have memories we’d rather forget, and now science has some tips for helping you do that more effectively. Dartmouth College researchers looked at 25 people ages 19 to 34. Participants were given lists of words to study while also being shown images of outdoor scenes. Afterward, scientists asked the participants to try to either remember the words on the list or forget them while they had their brains scanned. Results showed that when people were asked to forget the words, they tried to push all thoughts related to the images they had been shown out of their minds. Study co-author Jeremy Manning explains if you wanted to forget the details of a conversation you just had, for example, “you could push out of your mind a song playing in the background, or thoughts related to a scene happening outside your window or something like that.” Manning says the findings have the potential to benefit some people, such as those with post-traumatic stress disorder, or those who simply wish to clear outdated information in their minds in order to focus on learning new material. (Fox