The Science Of Why Your Family Hates Your Significant Other

If it seems like no matter who you bring home your family thinks they’re not up to snuff, you should know that’s something that happens in all families. Published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, researchers asked women to rank the value of 133 qualities and character traits they prioritized when looking for a partner for themselves, versus a partner for their sisters. Most participants stressed faithfulness and loyalty in either case, but tended to hold their sisters’ potential mates to a different standard. Women wanted their sisters to date men who are “empathetic, responsible, helpful, sensible, and kind,” while they tended to want the men they’d date themselves to be “charming, fun, and good in bed.” Study authors theorize this double standard exists because our family doesn’t want to be drained of resources if things go wrong in our relationship, and also wants a high chance of their genes being passed on. (Elite Daily