Five Ways to Become a ‘Regular’ at a Bar

You KNOW you’ve always wanted to be a ‘regular’ at your local bar . . . and maybe score some free drinks. But it takes a little work. Here are the five steps.

1. Always leave a tip. It’s probably the most important step. And you should OVER-tip at first. And when they start giving you free drinks, make sure you leave a tip for THOSE too.

2. Always sit at the bar, even if you get food. That way you can talk to the bartenders and get to know them. They’ll start treating you like a regular a lot faster.

3. Try to go at the same time, on the same day. You want to deal with the same bartenders as much as possible, and most bars have a regular schedule for staff. So if they’re working on a Thursday at 5:00 P.M., they probably work every Thursday.

4. Order the same drink for a while. That way they’ll know what you want before you order it. And when your drink gets low, they might just hand you another one on the house.

5. Never ASK for a free drink. You might get ONE free drink out of them, but then you’ll never get another one. And also don’t act like a V.I.P. If it’s busy, you still have to wait. (Thrillist)