Barista Complaints

Someone recently sued Starbucks for putting too much ice in their iced-coffee drinks. But while most customers won’t take their frustration to that level, baristas still feel plenty of hate. Hear what annoys them with The Top Barista Complaints.

  • It’s hard to pay off that doctorate in philosophy making $10 an hour.
  • Deadbeats who swear they’ll start tipping once HBO buys their pitch.
  • It’s hard to feel attractive when you spend eight hours a day wearing a puke-green apron.
  • Customers get judge-y every time they catch you scratching your butt crack with a stirrer.
  • Trying to reconcile being a Bernie supporter while serving people $9 hot chocolates.
  • Never knowing if you’re going to walk into the men’s room and interrupt a Grindr hookup.
  • When your blond dreads keep getting caught in the register drawer.
  • Those overzealous Trump supporters demanding the “Venti” size cup be changed to “Yuuuge.”
  • It just feels a bit wrong to charge seven bucks for something Brazilian peasants earns six cents an hour to pick.
  • When customers use your band’s flyer as a napkin.