The Top Best Things About Being A Paleontologist

Paleontologists in Antarctica just made a huge discovery of dinosaur fossils including some of the species portrayed in “Jurassic World”. So we can add this cool discovery to the list of The Top Best Things About Being a Paleontologist.

  • Those powdering skills come in handy when building lines of cocaine.
  • Nothing makes you a hit at cocktail parties like a riveting lecture on oxygen isotope ratios in the Pleistocene era.
  • You get to study the same creatures on your footy pajamas
  • The groupies at the Museum of Natural History are straight-up FREAKS.
  • You may be hired as the Hall of Dinosaurs consultant on the next crappy “Night at the Museum” movie.
  • On career day at your kids’ school, you’re way more popular than the dad who manages the local Office Depot.
  • Nobody will ever know that the “paper weight” you gave your mother-in-law is a pterodactyl turd.
  • Carbon dating is a fun and effective way to determine once and for all Larry King’s Age
  • Anything you eat still counts as part of a “Paleo Diet.”
  • You can impress your friends by pointing out historical errors in episodes of “The Flintstones”.