Breathing Trick That Helps with Anxiety

If you ever feel angry or nervous, a few deep breaths can help. But apparently this makes it work even better. Jane McGonigal is a senior researcher at a place outside San Francisco called the Institute for the Future. And she calls it the “power breath” technique.

She says that when you’re taking those deep breaths, you should breathe out for twice as long as you breathe in.

So if you breathe in for four seconds, breathe out slowly for eight seconds. Or if you’re worked up, you might be breathing faster than that. But the same rule applies. If you breathe in for two seconds, breathe out for four. Then try to breathe slower and slower.

Apparently it works better than just deep breathing, because it’s how we normally breathe when we’re relaxed. So it tricks your body into thinking you ARE relaxed. And it can help with things like panic attacks, and even muscle spasms. (Huffington Post)