Axl Rose Did His First AC/DC Show

AXL ROSE performed with AC/DC for the first time Saturday in Portugal, and aside from the awkwardness of him performing from a sitting position, he was actually pretty great.



Instead of Dave Grohl’s giant throne, he was sitting in what looked like a simple office chair that had been dressed up a bit.  Hesaid it’s the same chair, but it was just toned down to fit AC/DC’s set-up.  He’s still recovering from a broken PINKY TOE.



Also, the show only started five minutes late . . . which, in Axl Rose Time, counts as two hours early.



He started the show by telling the crowd, quote, “Nice to meet you!”  And even though there was talk of AC/DC fans wanting refunds beforehand, there weren’t many complaints.  Axl missed a few cues on the more recent songs, but that’s not bad considering how little time he’s had to rehearse.



For what it’s worth, Axl is open to continuing with AC/DC after these European shows, but obviously the future sort of depends on what’s happening with Brian Johnson.  Angus Young is still insisting Brian wasn’t fired.