Rejected Slogans of KFC’s Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

Apparently, KFC is ready to introduce Chicken Flavored Nail Polish. If the Colonel had been a cross-dresser, he’d have loved this. Ogilvy & Mather paired with the company that provides KFC’s blend of 11 herbs and spices to produce edible nail polishes. “Yes, it is actually a real thing,” Ogilvy & Mather rep Anna Mugglestone said. “It tastes like chicken.

We’re only too happy to help with the marketing for this revolutionary new product. We haven’t yet zeroed in on what the slogan should be, but we know what it absolutely should not be.

  • The next best thing to having hands made of chicken
  • Gotta lick something
  • Chicken? Good. Nail polish? Good. Chicken nail polish?  Not good
  • From the makers of the drumstick eyebrow curler
  • Feel free to just drink it
  • Apply it to your toes and give the dog a treat!
  • We’re not real proud of this
  • Not as toxic as our chicken, actually
  • Try our dipping sauce sanitizer
  • We may have gone too far