Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special Without Spending Money

Earlier this week, we heard moms want cosmetics, a trip to the spa, jewelry, and flowers for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately those are all pretty expensive. So here are five gift ideas that won’t break the bank . . .

1. A bouquet of balloons. Florists always jack up the price of flowers around Mother’s Day, because demand is so high. So a bouquet of balloons is cheaper, unique, and more fun.

2. Recreate a childhood photo. This has been a trend online for a few years now. It involves getting your siblings together and re-taking a photo from your childhood as grown-ups. Then you can give it to her in a nice frame.

3. Cook for her. Going to a restaurant is crazy on Mother’s Day. So save your mom the hassle of the crowds by cooking her favorite meal at home.

4. Help out around the house. It’s not quite as relaxing as a spa day, but it won’t cost you anything to give her the day off and clean up around the house, do the laundry, or whatever odd jobs need to be done.

5. Spend time with her. That’s really all most moms want. Go shopping with her, watch her favorite movie together, or just do something that makes her feel special and appreciated. (Buzzfeed)