Why People Stay “FRIENDS” With Facebook Troublemakers:

We all have a few Facebook friends that tend to cause issues, so why do we remain friends with them? Nottingham Trent University researchers looked at the connections of 52 Facebook users between the ages of 13 and 45 and ended up with 5,113 network contacts. They then generated random samples of 100 of these friends, and asked participants to rate them in terms of online disagreement, relational closeness, and frequency of communication. The data revealed that online disagreements happened most frequently among users ages 19 to 21 years-old, and that “troublemakers” on Facebook were often socially popular, but had more real-life contact with the participants than they did online. Researcher Sarah Buglass explains why people remain friends with troublemakers by saying, “The social repercussions of unfriending someone reach far beyond the boundaries of the online network. People don’t want to risk causing offline tension with their friends, family members, or colleagues by disconnecting them from their online lives. Remaining online friends with troublemakers appears to be a social necessity for some.” (Daily Mail