How To Get Cheap Airfare

Summer is coming, which means many are planning their summer vacations. That means many are hoping to get their air fare on the cheap. Tim Lyon, managing director of revenue management at American Airlines says the cheapest fares are on days when fewer people are traveling. That means flying mid-week, avoiding holidays, and traveling during low seasons will all have more of an effect on reducing your fare than trying to time exactly how far in advance you book. The reason, Lyon says, is that the primary factor is determining a flight price is travelers’ demand to fly a route. Airline schedules are set according to longer-term projections, made months in advance, making them not very flexible and, in the short term, pretty much a fixed cost. Ticket costs, however, can be changed multiple times a day, which allows an airline to respond to whatever level of demand a route or flight is currently encountering– by reducing prices to fill those empty seats. Lyon tells Bloomberg, “In the end, the seats are going to fly. [So the airline’s strategy is to] put the most revenue on the plane, regardless of [the] cost [of operating a route.]” (Quartz