Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming A Teacher

Since today kicks off National Teacher Appreciation Week, we thought it’d be a good time to give you this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Teacher.

  • Do I love children, but have a burning desire to grow to resent them?
  • Is it pretentious to demand the kids only bring me non-GMO apples?
  • Will I remember to conclude every history lesson with, ” . . . And that’s why the white man is evil”?
  • Kids today aren’t in any way distracted, spoiled, or entitled, right?
  • I can pack heat, right?
  • Do I know not to make eye contact with surly kids in trench coats?
  • Am I ready to train the next generation of Snapchat users?
  • Do I know that “Common Core” is NOT an exercise for the abs?
  • Should I give an A or an A-plus to the first kid who figures out how to write “BOOBS” on a calculator?
  • Can I resist bursting into tears when all the kids are passing notes and no one passes me one?
  • Do I have the ability to reach out to young, creative minds . . . and completely crush their individuality?
  • Can I convince the students that any of this crap will matter in their adult lives while keeping a straight face?