Having Lots Of Friends Increases Your Pain Tolerance

If you find you have issues tolerating pain, you may want to find some more friends. Oxford University researchers have found that friendships boost the level of endorphins in the body, which are well known for being painkillers. Researcher and doctoral student Katerina Johnson explains, “These results are…interesting because recent research suggests that the endorphin system may be disrupted in psychological disorders such as depression. This may be part of the reason why depressed people suffer from a lack of pleasure and become socially withdrawn.” The data also shows that both fitter people and those with higher reported stress levels tended to have smaller social networks, suggesting that some get their needed endorphins through exercising rather than through social interactions. Johnson adds, “As a species, we’ve evolved to thrive in a rich social environment, but in this digital era, deficiencies in our social interactions may be one of the most overlooked factors contributing to the declining health of our modern society.” (Daily Mail)