Questions A Guy Needs To Answer Before Asking A Girl To Prom

Prom season is here.  So we thought we’d help the senior guys out with The Top Questions a Guy Needs to Ask Himself Before Asking a Girl Out to Prom.

  • Does she expect me to take her to dinner, too?  If so, do they take reservations at Panera Bread?
  • Do I even LIKE girls?  These new gender rules are so confusing!
  • Have I figured out a scheme that’s more elaborate and expensive than most wedding proposals?
  • If she says no, will I politely accept that or launch into a quiet, woman-hating rage that manifests into insensitive Tweets about female celebs?
  • Which girl would I be most comfortable lying about having sex with to all my friends?
  • How much Axe body spray is too much? (ANSWER: Any Amount!)
  • So, when the DJ starts playing, I have to pretend I’ve always loved Prince, right?
  • Do I have time to make it to Spencer Gifts before they run out of tuxedo T-shirts?
  • How many girls should I pretend to ask before I can go ahead and take my sister?
  • Does my date use the bathroom of a different gender than the one on her birth certificate?