Top Signs You Have A Bad Secretary

It’s Administrative Professionals Day, but unfortunately not all of the “professionals” deserve to be saluted today.  Check out The Top Signs You Have a Bad Secretary.

  • When you ask what’s on the calendar for today, says, “A shirtless fireman.”
  • Doesn’t waste any time on Facebook—too busy Face-timing cats.
  • Instead of a speakerphone, insists on communicating through telepathy.
  • Took a week of bereavement time when Jon Snow died on “Game of Thrones”.
  • Insists that “team” is spelled with an “i.”
  • Buys a Christmas present for your wife, and puts your girlfriend’s name on the card.
  • Concluded your last conversation with, “Who would have thought a human head would take up so much room in a file cabinet?”
  • Not on Ashley Madison.
  • Actually understands the sexual harassment laws.
  • Refers to computer as “that typewriter with pictures.”
  • Comes back from a “smoke break” and eats a bag of Doritos while staring at a candle.
  • Can type 90 words . . . a week.