Stressed? Blame The 2016 Election

If you’ve noticed you’re eliciting more signs of stress lately, you can blame the 2016 election. Illinois-based psychologist Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, who specializes in treating stress and anxiety, says presidential elections can be emotionally exhausting, and the more into it a person is, the more likely they are to become fatigued, anxious, or depressed. Fueling these issues is the news media, which often sensationalizes stories, and bait audiences with language to keep them watching or reading. The constant coverage of these stories, particularly on TV, can make them seem inescapable. Social media also fans the stress flames, as many use it as a place to express their frustration and anger, and even start arguments about politics. To make the experience with the election less stressful, the best solution would be to shorten the election process. Since the U.S. is unlikely to do that, Wehrenberg suggests reading print coverage such as newspapers and magazines to become less stressed, as the sources are free of internet comment sections and allow the reader to be more selective about which articles they are reading. (Time)