Study: Females Are More Likely To Lust After Someone With A Criminal Record

Women really are attracted to bad boys, science says so. University of Montreal researchers looked at more than 300 cases of hybristophilia, which is lusting after a person with a criminal record, occurring in both the U.S. and in Europe over a ten year period. In this case, they focused on prison guards and other correctional workers who fell for inmates. The data shows that over 70 percent of cases of sexual misconduct in the U.S. correctional system involved female staff, despite the fact that women make up less than half of the prison workforce. Study leader, Dr. Philippe Bensimon explains this skew towards women may be because women often have professional positions in prisons such as clinicians, criminologists, psychologists and nurses. He adds that falling for an inmate doesn’t end well for either party. In all the cases he studied the female worker was fired, and in most cases the inmate was transferred to another facility and labeled a manipulator. Benisom adds, “It’s taboo. All penal institutions, without exception, are affected by this phenomenon, but prison administrators try to deny its existence: they don’t even talk about it in staff training.” (Daily Mail)