Rejected Slogans for Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler Drink

Need something to wash down your Stay-Puft marshmallows?  Might I suggest the Ghostbusters-inspired Hi-C drink, which will be retuning soon to grocery store shelves?  Currently, they’re trying to figure out how to market the stuff.  They’re zeroing in on a slogan, but all we have so far are some of the ones they rejected.

  • Drinking enough of it will make you a ghost
  • “Only some cans are left over from the 80’s”
  • No more toxic than regular Hi-C”
  • “Who you gonna call? How about your gastroenterologist?”
  • It’s what obese, lethargic ghosts drink!
  • We’ll keep carpet bombing you with movie tie-ins until you buy a Ghostbusters ticket
  • You’re never too old to drink boxed juice based on a childish movie about ghosts