Surprising Harriet Tubman “True” Facts

Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill in 2030.  She’s famous for being a humanitarian and abolitionist.  But for some things you probably didn’t know about her, check out this list of The Top Surprising Harriet Tubman Facts.

  • Four out of five S. high school students think she’s the syrup lady.
  • No one wants to play her in a movie because they know they’ll get snubbed by the Oscars.
  • She wanted to call the Underground Railroad the “Subterranean Soul Parade.”
  • She has yet to chime in with a Prince tribute.
  • She bravely fought in the Civil War, alongside other female luminaries, like Betty White and Meg Ryan.
  • Because of her, some white people are suddenly HUGE fans and supporters of Andrew Jackson.
  • She escaped from Maryland to Philadelphia, went to one Phillies game, and left Philadelphia never to return.
  • She was named a saint by the Episcopal Church. Though to be fair, so was the guy who invented Big Mouth Billy Bass.
  • She’s in the running to replace Michael Strahan on “Live”.
  • She died in poverty, not having a “Harriet Tubman” to her name.