Study: Regular Meditation Slows Brain-Aging By Seven Years

Meditation doesn’t just keep you calm, it can also help keep you young. Researchers from Jena University Hospital in Germany scanned the brains of 50 American men and women who regularly meditated, and 50 non-meditators. The scans were analyzed by a computer program that provided an age for each brain based on its physical condition. In general, the non-meditators’ brain age matched their actual age, but meditators’ brains were found to look young than their actual age by an average of seven and a half years. The older the meditator, the more dramatic the results– for every year over age 50, a youth meditator knocked an extra year off their brain age. Researcher Christian Gaser says it’s not clear how meditation protects the brain, but it’s possible that the “intense mental processes” trigger the growth of new cells and connection. It’s also a possibility that those who meditate lead healthier lifestyles in general. (Daily Mail)