Americans Feel Office Perks Are Dumb

Office perks can include things like ping-pong tables, free food, and bean bag chairs, but most Americans seem to think these frivolous things can’t make up for smaller paychecks. Many companies hope that creating a “chill” relaxed office culture complete with these little perks mimics Google, and will in turn bring in Google-sized profits, but employees are not impressed. The advertising world started adding these office perks recently, and a recent study by LinkedIn and 4A shows advertising saw a 25 percent “net talent loss” compared with competitive industries, such as technology and consulting. A 2015 survey from Glassdoor suggests beanbag chairs just aren’t enough, with respondents saying they most desire health insurance, paid vacation, sick days, the potential for performance bonuses, and company-matched 401(k) plans most. Furthermore, there’s a false perception that millennials would rather work at a cool office than get a paycheck, but compensation consistently ranks high for employee satisfaction, especially for millennials, who graduate with an average of more than $35,000 in debt. (Yahoo)