All- Sleeper Team

By: Thomas Frank Carr


By now you’ve heard the same 15 names associated with the NFL Draft. Goff, Wentz, Bosa, Tunsil…ect. Enough of that.

Let’s go a bit deeper.

Here is your All-Sleeper list for the 2016 NFL Draft. These ten players won’t be talked about in the first round, and they might not be talked about until day three. Nevertheless these players will be on teams in the fall and making huge contributions. Some will even go on to be stars and stalwarts on their teams. Click on the link for their full scouting report


  1. KJ Maye WR Minnesota – Overlooked because of his size and lack of long speed but he’s unstoppable in the short to intermediate area. Think a receiver version of Darren Sproles. He’s got above average strength for his size and great hands. Possible star in the slot.
  2. Austin Johnson DT Penn State – It’s a deep draft at his position but he’s just as good as some of the top talent. Not quite as explosive as Reed or Billings, but he’s quick, smart and nasty. Will be a quality starter in the NFL.
  3. Jordan Howard  RB Indiana – injures are the only question with Howard. He’s a bulldozer who plays with great vision and patience. Won’t have a long career due to running style but he’ll be exciting and productive in the time he’s on the field.
  4. Victor Ochi DE/OLB Stony Brook– Dominant defensive end from small school stony brook. Will take some time to learn how to play football with technique but he’s fast, physical and a natural pass rusher. Can bend the corner and will develop into a primary pass rusher.
  5. Chris Moore WR Cincinnati – Beat up on 1st round talent William Jackson of Houston. He’s a size/strength monster with enough speed to threaten deep. Insanely strong hands. If he can learn to be a complete receiver, he could be an upper end no. 2.
  6. Landon Turner G North Carolina – Won’t excel in every system but a team that wants a big bodied mauler will love Turner. Will surprise you with his pass blocking skills in a phone booth.
  7. DeAndre Houston-Carter S William & Marry – Small school prospect who plays safety like a human missile. Needs to learn how to hit, but he’s a former corner who could be a ball-hawk and all around safety.
  8. Jordan Lucas CB Penn State – Has it all except the balls skills and instincts. Lucas is a scrappy corner who will be best suited in the slot. Physical and tough, has the chance to be a quality starter.
  9. Ronald Blair– DE/DT App. State– A tweener who would benefit from moving inside, he’s strong, explosive and plays with a fire. Needs to add 10 pounds and he’d be a high end 3 technique gap penetrating defensive tackle.
  10. Ryan Smith CB NC Central – Small school corner who is simply a good football player. Not very big, but has the savvy and skill to be an off-man cover corner or a zone guy. Great ball skills.
  11. Kevin Hogan QB Stanford– Winner and a leader. Has all the intangible traits you want in a quarterback. He’s got good size and toughness. Simply not a good arm or footwork. He has an outside chance to learn the footwork, which limits his velocity. Could be a quality backup.