Study: Children Have The Power To Change Parents’ Habits

If you need motivation to stick to your diet, you may just want to ask your child for encouragement. A new study finds that mothers of children specially trained to act as “change agents” of their family’s lifestyle lost more weight over a year compared to a control group of mothers. Researchers from Sri Lanka recruited 261 mothers of eighth-graders between 2012 and 2014. Half of the students were taught to identify chronic disease factors in their parents, such as smoking and inactivity, and develop ideas to change the behaviors, assisted by facilitators. Those students then encouraged their parents to take action. The other group of students didn’t receive any training. On average, mothers of the trained students lost close to four pounds, while mothers of the non-trained students gained nearly two pounds. Moms of the trained students also took an average of 8,026 steps a day (up from 7,136 at the beginning of the study), while controls took 4,999 steps at he end of the study (down from 6,492 at the beginning of the study.) (Wall St. Journal)