Top Reasons You Should Quit Smoking Pot

Today is 4/20 Day, the unofficial holiday of pot enthusiasts.  But some people are a little too enthusiastic about the reefer.  Which brings us to this list of The Top Reasons You Should Quit Smoking Pot.

  • You just realized you’ve been looking for your car keys since 1979.
  • It’s ruining your, uh . . . what was I gonna say?  Oh yeah:  focus.
  • Every time you hear a siren, you instinctively run to the bathroom and flush everything in your pockets down the toilet.
  • Ironically, because you inhale an entire peperoni pizza when you get the munchies, 420 is what you now weigh.
  • You want to see if you’re still a Bernie Sanders supporter without it.
  • No one your age should still watch that much “SpongeBob”.
  • Your house caught on fire and you told the firemen to chill out.
  • You listed rolling a joint and packing a bowl as skills on your resume.
  • You’re making the other air traffic controllers really nervous.
  • Even Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson think you have a problem.
  • More for me!