Some things I think I think….

  1.  Political – I know this makes me look like I regularly wear a tin foil hat, but I’ve thought all along…from the very beginning…that there’s something wrong with the Trump campaign (insert joke here).  Seriously, though, I think we’re being played.  Here’s my conspiracy theory of the year:                                                           Hilary Clinton knows that running for POTUS with all of her baggage would be fraught with peril, so she gets someone totally unlikable to the vast majority of people (Trump) to do exactly what he has done….incite people to vote for him through fear and get the Republican nomination…so that when it’s just down to her and him, she wins easily because she’s easily the lesser for two really large evils.  You heard it here first.

A.  Sports Broadcasting – Is it just me, has ESPN become ESPN..BA?  I listen to State College’s ESPN radio 1450 every morning on the way to work.  All they have             talked about in the last week and a half has been the NBA.  Hockey playoffs?  Baseball?  Then NFL Draft?  Nonexistent to these guys.  And it’s not just then…I               tune in in the morning and afternoon at various times and the national guys are always talking about the NBA.  I know I’m an crotchety 57 year old, but why can’t           they talk about other sports?

III.  I just read a posting on Facebook from a local guy who was bitch about how bad the Springsteen concert was…too loud…Bruce can’t sing…etc.  I don’t think I’ve          ever heard or read of anyone not enjoying themselves thoroughly at a Springsteen show, but I have now.  And yes…I resisted the impulse to write something                  nasty and/or condescending on his Facebook page because I subscribe to the antiquated belief that people are entitled to their own opinions, whether I think                they’re right or now.  A radical and groundbreaking concept…I know…but then again, I’m the one with the foil hat.