‘I’d Watch That’ Asks Public to Weigh In on TV Show Ideas

A website launched five months ago called I’d Watch That allows the public to weigh in on TV show ideas and their potential to become a series, with aspiring show creators posting what are called “sizzle” reels up to two minutes long about their idea. Site visitors get to judge the proposals, and the information is analyzed and used to create a popularity ranking. The ultimate aim, according to the Associated Press, is to sell the most popular ideas to the growing number of broadcast, cable and online outlets that all need content, with the website’s parent company, Big Picture, as producer. The show creators also get valuable feedback even if their ideas aren’t among the most popular, getting information from the public about what did and didn’t work in their proposals.  But really, is instant feedback from an unfiltered Internet audience based on a two-minute “sizzle” reel the best way to judge a show’s potential?