“Interesting” & “True” Facts About Tattoos.

In a new survey, 82% of Americans say getting a tattoo is no longer a rebellious act.  For even more body ink trivia, check out The Top Interesting Facts About Tattoos.

  • Women with tattoos are more likely to engage in risky behavior.  Which is why I’m always on the lookout for women with tattoos.
  • Ones that disappear between cellulite rolls are called “fat-toos.”
  • 100% of all tattoos in Mandarin are tattooed on suburban white girls.
  • “Tattoo” originates from the Polynesian word “ta,” meaning ” cry for attention.”
  • Getting a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name is the perfect way to ensure that you’re about to get dumped.
  • Popular cartoon characters that are often tattoos include the Tasmanian Devil, Batman, and Donald Trump.
  • Evidently, racists don’t see the irony of symbolizing white pride by dying their skin black.
  • 45 million Americans now have tattoos.  And my grandpa doesn’t trust even one of them.
  • The average tattoo parlor stays open until one hour after closing time for the nearest bar.