Things Americans Are Stressed About

Since April is Stress Awareness Month, let’s take a look at and find out what’s causing it with this list of The Top Things Americans are Stressed About.

  • North Korea will fire a nuke at us.  And miss Justin Bieber.
  • Having to wait, like, 6 months to find out who Negan creamed with his baseball bat on “The Walking Dead”.
  • The world only has so much alcohol.  And we have to share it with Johnny Manziel.
  • It’s been almost three weeks since we’ve had a superhero movie.
  • What if Kanye really DOES run for president in 2020?
  • Our Trump University degrees won’t open doors like we thought they would.
  • The possibility that Burger King’s Angry Burger will soon be going away.
  • With Netflix prices going up, is binge-watching “New Girl” worth another $2 a month?
  • Advances in genetics mean there could actually be a PuppyMonkeyBaby in our lifetime.
  • The country running low on ranch dressing and having to tap into its strategic reserve.
  • If Batman and Superman can’t get along, how can we ever have peace in the world?
  • A new generation of Kardashians.