Octopus Breaks Out Of National Aquarium

An octopus named Inky (Wow, really put a lot of thought into that name, didn’t you) was thought to be settled in nicely at New Zealand’s National Aquarium after being brought in my a fisherman who found him in a lobster pot in 2014. Turns out he was merely waiting for an opportunity. Staff at the Napier aquarium believe that after the lid of Inky’s tank was left slightly ajar one night, he climbed out, slid across the wet floor and escaped through a drainpipe that led to the sea. The football-sized creature would have had to squeeze through a pipe six inches in diameter for more than 150 feet to make his escape. Aquarium manager Rob Yarrell says Inky is an “unusually intelligent” octopus who was “very friendly, very inquisitive, and a popular attraction…” he adds, “Octopuses are famous escape artists.” (Newser)