Happy Birthday to Da Bus

It seems all too often these days that I’m reminded that I’m getting old….sore back, bad knees, winded WAY too soon while doing yard work, rock icons passing away and birthdays…those damned birthdays.  They’re relentless.  They just keep on coming and going until you’ve come and gone.  And such it is with today’s birthday…our very own 93.7, The Bus.

First, I was kinda expecting some cake or something, but I should have known better by now.  We ARE doing something special through the end of the month…we’re taking a look at great years and highlighting them each day.  No prizes or anything like that…just reelin’ through the years to remind us of what life used to be.  For instance…today we’re looking at 1974.  The average car cost $1,350…gas was 55 cents per gallon…Nixon would resign later in the year…the Flyers won a Stanley Cup…and I was wrapping up my whirlwind tour of Grove City Junior High.  Heady times, indeed.  I used to turn down the radio when “The Joker” was playing because I didn’t want my parents to hear the part about “really love your peaches”….I figured I’d never be able to listen to the radio again.

And speaking of The Bus…there are lots of memories for me there, as well.  I was out of radio when The Bus started.  The first thing they did was play this loop of music to test out the equipment.  It drove all of the locals wild..they just couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Then The Bus debuted 18 years ago today.  I don’t remember everyone on board at that time…Steve Biddle…Mike Thorn…Danny Wright…but I listened because I loved the music they were playing…still do. I remember Davies Bahr…one of the sweetest women and best owner I’ve ever experienced.  And while I missed the beginning, I was around for all of the laughs with Biddle and Brown (“I told you to PLUCK the chicken”), I was on the air when the world changed forever with 9/11, help start the Adam Taliaferro “We Believe” campaign, and started the search for “The Smartest Person in the World”.  There are so many more great memories…these are just the few that immediately came to mind.

And through it all…there’s you.  In fact, without our listeners and sponsors, The Bus wouldn’t have survived this long.  So please allow me to say “Thank You” to all of you for you loyalty and support through many, many years of broadcasting.  We truly are nothing without you.