Overheard at the Vince Neil/Nicolas Cage Brawl

Nicholas Cage and Vince Neil got into a fight in Las Vegas last week after Vince pulled a woman to the ground by her hair.  They were probably both drunk, and it ended with Cage hugging Vince and trying to calm him down.  Fortunately, TMZ got video, and we enhanced the audio so that we could bring you this:

  • Things Overheard when Vince Neil fought Nicolas Cage
  • Is this what they mean by a Cage match?
  • Hey, no flab-grabbing!
  • Oh my God, look what he did to Vince Neil’s face! Oh wait he hasn’t hit him yet
  • I’d say they were just acting, but we all know Nicolas Cage can’t act
  • My money is on the pasty, out-of-shape dude. Yeah, I know — I can’t lose
  • Wow, this is just like watching a good movie except Nicolas Cage is in it
  • Look, Nicolas Cage is fighting a fat woman! Oh wait
  • Come on, Nic! Ruin him just like you ruined Peggy Sue Got Married.