Things That Irritate Bill Clinton

At a recent campaign rally for Hillary, Bill Clinton had a heated exchange with activists from Black Lives Matter.  So you can add those folks to this list of The Top Things that Irritate Bill Clinton.

  • If Hillary doesn’t win, he’s going to have to console her.  And that means physical contact.
  • Someday his grandkid will learn how to Google him.
  • One of those files Hillary had to give up had all his Kate Upton nude pics on it.
  • People that insult him with nicknames like, “Bubba,” “Slick Willie,” and “Hillary’s husband.”
  • Thanks to Bernie, he’s had to pretend to love Hillary way longer than he wanted to.
  •  “Playboy” going non-nude.
  • Sometimes Hillary hops on the computer BEFORE he has time to clear history.
  • Looking at his left hand and seeing a wedding ring.
  • Bernie says mean stuff about his wife.  And that’s HIS job!
  • Obama always ignores his request to appoint him Ambassador to Amsterdam.