Man’s Cliff-Top Proposal Goes Downhill Fast

These days people will go to great lengths to make an epic wedding proposal, and some actually take things way too far. Police say 27-year-old Michael Banks illegally scaled the 600-foot Morror Rock off California’s Central Coast after sunrise on Thursday (April 7th) to propose to his girlfriend over the Facetime app. She said yes, but was upset that he’d climbed the rock at all. Banks then decided to ascend the rock by taking a steeper path down than he had taken up, and got stuck on a small chunk of rock. Locals heard him calling for help around 8:45 AM, and a helicopter soon arrived to rescue him. He was back on the ground after a daring helicopter rescue, and he was promptly issued a misdemeanor citation for trespassing. The fire chief in the area says it’s illegal to climb the rock “because it kills people.” Banks was also “found to be under the influence and in possession of methamphetamine” and will have to pay for his rescue, which will likely cost thousands. (Newser)