Study: Money Can Buy Happiness If You Spend It On Items That Match Your Personality

Money is said to be the root of all evil, but a new study reveals it actually can buy happiness in certain cases. Cambridge Judge Business School and the Psychology Department of Cambridge University analyzed 77,000 bank spending transactions made in the U.K. The participants also completed personality and happiness questionnaires. The transactions were whittled down into 59 categories, and they were all compared to the “Big Five” personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The findings revealed that people who spent more money on purchases which matched their personality were happier. For example, more extroverted people spent more money at pubs, while conscientious people spent more on things like gym memberships. Researcher Joe Gladstone says, “Our findings suggest that spending money on products that help us express who we are as individuals could turn out to be as important to our well-being as finding the right job, the right neighborhood or even the right friends and partners.” (DailyMail)