Things We’ve Learned From “American Idol”

With the series finale of “American Idol” this week, let’s take a look back at the groundbreaking series with this list of The Top Things We Learned From “American Idol”.

  • Talent?  Not necessarily a prerequisite for stardom.
  • The list of past winners is a who’s who of singers.  Literally.  You’re like, “Who?”  And, “WHO?!?”
  • That a young boy or girl can come from a small town with a head full of dreams . . . and have them crushed in front of the entire world.
  • The best season was when that person won that we never heard from again.
  • We’re damn lucky 13-year-olds can’t vote in elections, or we’d be on the third term of President Sanjaya.
  • The exact circumference and surface area of Simon Cowell’s nipples.
  • Sometimes Paula Abdul forgets to take her meds.
  • It IS possible to make a pop country song sound even worse.
  • TV viewers prefer seeing “American Idol” with spinning chairs.
  • Execs at Fox don’t know the meaning of “jumped the shark.”
  • If you enjoyed it, your taste in music sucks.
  • No matter what the song is, it can be turned into an ad for Coca-Cola.
  • The singers at your local karaoke bar aren’t that bad, after all.