Look Who’s Back!!!!

When you eventually quit your job, you might have an impulse to just start throwing middle fingers at everyone as you walk out the door.  Well, as amazing as that would be . . . fight the urge.

A new survey found 29% of people have ended up going back to an old job after they left.  And another 41% say they’d be open to it. The main reasons someone goes back to an old company are a bigger salary . . . their old boss or a coworker reached out and asked them to come back . . . or they never really wanted to leave in the first place. The main reasons people don’t want to go back to an old company is they think it’d be a step backwards in their career . . . or they know the culture there wasn’t right for them the first time and it hasn’t changed.

The survey also found 45% of people don’t think it’s awkward at all to go back to an old job.  And the older you are, the less likely you are to think it’d be weird to go back.