Heartbreak Doesn’t Just Hurt The Heart Emotionally

The pain of a broken heart can be extreme, and now scientists have found that the emotional pain can translate into physical problems. Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark looked at medical records gathered from 1995 to 2014. They found that over 17,000 out of over 88,000 people diagnosed with atrial fibrillation for the first time had lost a partner within the previous year. They discovered that after a person loses a partner their chance of developing an irregular heartbeat jumps 41 percent. The risk was the same regardless of gender or whether partners lived together or separately, though those whose partners died unexpectedly were 57 percent more at risk of atrial fibrillation. It’s thought hormonal disturbances, too much adrenaline, or mental stress takes a toll on the nervous system, causing the irregular heartbeat and increasing the risk of stroke, heart failure, and death. (Newser)