Things That Annoy Your Co-Workers

We found a list online of the top ten things you shouldn’t do at work, because they might annoy your co-workers.  Or if you HATE you co-workers, you can do these more I guess . . .

  1. Bragging. It’s okay to share good news, just don’t brag about it.  And that applies even if it’s not related to work, like your kid getting into a prestigious school, etc.
  1. Showing up to work late. It’s annoying if you do it a lot, and the same goes for constantly showing up late for meetings.
  1. Being a slob. Meaning your desk is gross, you have poor hygiene, or you leave the office kitchen a mess.
  1. Doing too much personal stuff during work hours. Like making phone calls, shopping online, or browsing Facebook fall day.
  1. Complaining too much. Even if it’s about your boss and everyone hates him.
  1. Calling off work when you’re not really sick. Obviously no one has to know unless you tell them.  But there’s a good chance one of your co-workers will check social media to see if you posted anything.
  1. Nervous habits. Especially if they are noise distractions, like snapping your gum or playing with your keys.
  1. Interrupting people. It’s annoying anywhere, but especially at work.  And even if you’re the boss, you shouldn’t do it.
  1. Trying to sell them stuff. Don’t recruit them for every pyramid scheme you get wrapped up in.  And even selling Girl Scout cookies might annoy people, especially if they have a daughter and decided to NOT sell them at work.
  1. Swearing. If you did it at a bar AFTER work, they might not even notice.  But dropping F-bombs in an office setting is pretty jarring and unprofessional.

(Business Insider)