Things You Should Save for Your Kids

We save a lot of junk these days, to the point you need storage units to hold it all.  But some things ARE worth saving, especially stuff you might want to give your kids someday.  Here are six things you should hang onto . . .

  1. Something with a date on it. Like a ticket stub from a movie or a baseball game.  It could be from something YOU did, or something you did together.
  1. Your old passport. Or anything else meaningful from when you were younger, like your high-school diploma or your first driver’s license.
  1. At least a few ACTUAL baby photos of them. Meaning don’t just keep digital copies of everything.  And they also might be interested in old baby photos of YOU, so make sure you hang onto those as well.
  1. An old report card. And you should try to save at least some of their artwork from when they were young.
  1. Something sentimental to pass down. It doesn’t have to be anything valuable like your wedding ring, just something that has a story behind it.
  1. Their first pet’s nametag. It’s another thing you can just toss in a shoebox and forget about, but it might be cool to find 20 years later . . . unless something tragic happened, like their first dog got hit by a dump truck or something.

(Huffington Post)