Study: Fitness Fanatics Are Formed In The Womb

Love or hate exercise, you can probably blame your mom, says science. Baylor College of Medicine researchers used mice for this particular study, using genetically identical male mice, and carefully controlling the physical activity of the female mice before and during pregnancy. Female mice that enjoyed running were identified and divided into two groups: one allowed access to running wheels before and during pregnancy, and one not given access to the wheels at all. The results showed that mice born to the running mothers were about 50 percent more physically active than those born to inactive mothers. Those born to the active mothers also remained more active even into later adulthood and had an improved ability to lose fat during a three week voluntary exercise program. Study leader, Professor Robert Waterland says, “Although most people assume an individual’s tendency to be physically active is determined by genetics, our results clearly show the environment can play an important role during fetal development.” It’s thought if a similar effect can be confirmed in humans, it could be used to curb the worldwide epidemics of physical inactivity and obesity. (Daily Mail)