Funny how? Funny Like a CLown?

A new survey found 75% of people think they’re funny.  That’s three out of every four people, which seems WAY too high.

Here are some more results from the survey . . .

1.  94% of people like making people laugh.  Who are the 6% that don’t?

2.  People who like practical jokes and, quote, “bathroom humor” are the most likely to have a lot of close friends.

3.  Sarcastic and self-deprecating people are the least likely to have a lot of close friends.

4.  Women are more likely to say they love comedy movies than men.  26% of women say comedies are their favorite type of movie, versus 21% of men.

5.  And finally, 33% of people are afraid of clowns. (SENSELESS SURVEY ANSWER)