Study: The End Of The World Might Happen A Lot Sooner Than Previously Expected

The end of the world is predicted by non-scientists every once in a while, but now an actual study suggests the end of the world could come sooner than previously expected. The new findings reveal that the West Antarctic ice sheet, which is larger than Mexico, might begin disintegrating much earlier than expected, possibly raising the sea levels across the entire ocean as much as three feet by 2100. In some areas, the ocean could rise twice that high. As the New York Times notes, “New York City is nearly 400 years old; in the worst-case scenario conjured by the research, its chances of surviving another 400 years in anything like its present form would appear to be remote. Miami, New Orleans, London, Venice, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia, are all near sea level and just as vulnerable as New York, or more so.” One of the paper’s co-authors, David Pollard, adds, “We are not saying this is definitely going to happen. But I think we are pointing out that there’s a danger, and it should receive a lot more attention.” (Gawker)